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Frequently Asked Question!

Thank you. You can join the movement by buying zero plastic products, and encouraging your family and friends to buy too.

If you wish to sell, you are most welcome.

Please contact:

[email protected] 

The platform is created with the aim of lowering plastics and carbon footprint. So any products that meet the objective are sold here.

We encourage innovative environmental friendly sustainable products.

We are focused on community selling. Delivery is local which is possible by walk or cycle. So, unfortunately we don’t support mailing services

Please buy what you would need for personal use. 

Any order that does not seem to justify reasonable personal use, will not be accepted. Incase of any doubts, the seller would contact you.


If the product idea falls under our principles, we would be glad to look into it and encourage our contacts to sell. 

Please get in touch with us:  [email protected]

We need all the support out there is. 

We are constantly looking for professionals and influencers to help us out with the idea and vouch for the great good cause.

Please let us know how you would like to contribute: 

[email protected]

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